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Mr.Syed Mohammed Bukhari

Mr. Syed Mohammed Bukhari, a distinguished business leader and philanthropist with over 40 years of experience, is making a significant impact across multiple organizations. As Founder & Chairman of Green Global, he has driven sustainability and positive change in various organizations in India, KSA, Australia, Kuwait, and UAE. His extensive expertise has positioned Green Global as a leading force in the industry. Moreover, he serves on the Board of Management of BSA Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, playing a crucial role in fostering innovation and education. Furthermore, as a Director of Green Global’s innovation partner, Crescent Innovation & Incubation Council, Mr. Bukhari is at the forefront of driving cutting-edge ideas and fostering entrepreneurial ventures. With an MS in Technology Management, his impactful presence continues to advance the vision of sustainability and progress in various organizations, leaving a lasting legacy in the pursuit of a greener and brighter future.