Prabhu Ramachandran is the Founder and CEO at Facilio

Dubai: Facilio, a leading AI-driven property operations & maintenance platform, today announced that UAE’s niche FM service providers are replacing manual processes and legacy tools with modern software for portfolio operations. Build Well Holdings, a real estate investment company, GGFM, a Data-Driven Smart Facilities Management Solution Provider, and Bright Environment, an integrated facility management service provider, are using the Facilio platform to be agile and drive seamless customer experiences amidst changing conditions.

The global pandemic has become a catalyst for long-term change across the real estate and FM services landscape, accelerating trends in occupant health, wellness, sustainability, service delivery, and agile operations. As digital-native tenants and occupants are demanding proactive services and hands-on control of their spaces, progressive FM service providers are taking the role of strategic pillars in reopening and operating buildings with a strong data-led and future-ready operations strategy in place.

“We believe that data is the new oil, and processes are the key differentiator in the service industry. By harnessing technology, we will be able to reimagine service delivery, transform the operational approach, to meet clients where they are today and ultimately provide friction-less experiences” said Hafilur Rahman, Executive Director at GGFM.

Facilio’s unique property operations cloud platform is enabling FM operatives to make this transition in approach, by allowing them to:

• Automate maintenance at the portfolio scale
• Customise and manage complex workflows
• Benchmark equipment performance in real-time
• Drive delightful end-to-end experiences for tenants
• Introduce new value-based wellness, sustainability, and predictive services

More than ever before, real estate owners, operators, and FM service providers recognize the need for real-time operational intelligence to help them make informed decisions on efficiency and experience improvements. “With Facilio, we are able to consolidate every building data into one system to create a sustainable and well-maintained built environment. This helps us focus our energy on improving the asset value and experience”, said Zaheer Rattonsey, Managing Director,  Build Well Holdings.

“By observing both the real-time and historical indicators of the various operational parameters, we have been able to implement effective responsiveness and optimize resource allocations, instantly. Further, through the unique cloud-native portfolio operational models in Facilio, we are better equipped to surpass the capabilities of traditional CaFM and ERP solutions. With Facilio on board, we can confidently state that we are miles ahead in the journey of our mission of ” Excellence through Innovation”. As a dynamic and hands-on FM operator, real-time dashboards help us embody both agility and automation capabilities, enhancing our insights to make value-added business decisions in any climate”, added Balaji Parthasarathy, Director – Operations, at Bright Environment.”

“We’re excited about the continued validation of data-led operations, demonstrating the technology opportunity for FM service providers to execute a portfolio-wide service approach. Our solution will serve as a foundation to remove inefficiencies and barriers to innovate and grow in new market conditions”, said Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO at Facilio.

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